The Success of
the Earth
is Our Future.


The Success of
the Earth
is Our Future.

This year the GMB Group celebrates its 80th anniversary.

The world has changed a lot over the last 80 years.
During this period, the environment surrounding
automobiles has also undergone unprecedented transformation.

In this era of dramatic change, we at the GMB Group
are required to focus on staying one step ahead of the times,
while always continuing to grow and move forward.

That said, the Japanese concept of "Wa," or harmony,
that we have valued since our founding remains unchanged.

With each employee acting as a source of harmony,
we believe that the happiness of our staff leads to the
happiness of the company, just as the happiness of
the company brings happiness to our customers.
By expanding a greater harmony in this way,
we are sure to eventually create a cycle of abundance
that will one day exist on a global scale.

We promise to connect the thoughts and ambitions
of our predecessors, which took form over the past
80 years, with the next 100 to 200 years to come and beyond.
To ensure we always create genuine value and serve
as a company that is loved and respected by all,
we will continue to advance confidently in the years ahead.


We have taken the Japanese idea of "Wa,"
which has served as an important
company motto since our founding,
and applied
it here under the concept of "Harmony between the Earth and GMB."
This anniversary mark expresses both
GMB’s mission to foster and spread
abundance on a global scale
as well as our commitment to ensuring
the ongoing coexistence of
GMB’s products with all things on Earth.



1943 March
Founded Matsuoka seikousyo in Ikuno-ku Osaka
1964 July
Head Office moved to 2-58 Kusune-chou, Yao, Osaka
1981 October
Head Office officially moved to 4-20 Kusune-chou, Yao, Osaka
1985 January
Function and staff of Head Office moved to Nara
2002 November
"GMB" Name officially registered in English
2004 December
Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange Second Section
2012 November
GMB KOREA Corp. listed on the Korea Stock Exchange
2020 January