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About RSS

All the "What's New" is delivered by RSS in this website.
RSS is a general term of the system (RDF Site Summary or Rich Site Summary) which delivers the title and report of a website collectively.
By registering the linked page of the following RSS icon into the web browser and RSS reader corresponding to RSS, the "What's New" of this site can be checked easily.

"What's New" delivery by RSS

All the Updated information about GMB Newly-Developed Products is delivered by RSS in this website.
By registering the following linked page into the RSS reader, you can obtain the list of updated information even if you do not make direct access to the website.

For using RSS

Click the above RSS link, and register RSS feed into the web browser and RSS reader that you use.

Notes on use

  • Please keep in mind that RSS delivery may stop releasing without any notifications, or may change URL..
  • We cannot reply to the inquiry about RSS or the software, such as a RSS reader, which third parties developed.

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