NARA Head Office & Plant

NARA Head Office & Plant

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We strengthen an organization system to supply customers of the whole world with GMB products with confidence in a price and quality as the head office of the GMB group.

President: Makoto Matsunami GMB CORPORATION
Makoto Matsunami
"Challenge" will be the key word for both today and the future of GMB Group, so that we keep up with the speed of the ever changing business environment and we meet all the stakeholders' expectations. Our brand name GMB is so widespread due to the production for 70 years and the marketing for many years under GMB brand that people in the automotive aftermarket business can automatically associate with GMB products. However we shall exceed the past success by creating new value and service. Needs for new development in ever expanding global car park shall be our challenge to meet. And GMB is taking the challenge into new ecological technologies by supplying our electrical parts to car manufacturers. We will make utmost efforts to drive two big wheels; Market development and Product development by exploring investments as well as M&A. We will aim at a more efficient logistic service to the the global market by connecting overseas factories and suppliers. Please investigate the new GMB.

Name NARA Head Office & Plant
Address 150-3 Handa, Kwanishichou, Shikigun, Nara
TEL 81-745-44-1911
FAX 81-745-44-1930

GMB will respond with confidence to the diverse needs of our customers!