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"World Wide" "Innovation" "New Dream"

President: Chung Sei Young GMB KOREA CORP.
President: Chung Sei Young
GMB Korea Corp., has followed a straight road in the field of high-precision auto parts production, achieving a leading position in the auto parts industry based on superior technology. Recently however, we have made efforts in the development of parts for power train needing ultraprecision and high performance in particular combined with strength, low noise, low fuel consumption and durability as well as concentrating on our core competence in green energy business.
In addition, we are expanding our market globally by building a global business network and doing our best to reinforce our international competitiveness by shifting the production lines to the appropriate places.
We decided on a diversification strategy plan WIND7000("World wide" "Innovation" "New Dream") as medium and long term vision, which is the achievement of 7000Mwon sales on 2016.
To be specific, there is the globalization of sales and procurement, green energy and the electric motor business as a new product strategy, and recruitment of the international talented people who can lead these strategies.
We will promote a plan to secure world top product lines.

Name GMB KOREA Corp.
Address #48, Sungsan-Dong, Sungsan-Gu, Changwon-City, Gyeongnam, Korea.
TEL 82-55-279-1313
FAX 82-55-261-1615

GMB will respond with confidence to the diverse needs of our customers!