Green Procurement

Green Procurement

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Environment purpose of procurement (Green Procurement)

And in providing goods and parts to customers, purchase items for environmentally hazardous substances used in or environmentally hazardous substances as well as the manufacturing process is included in part, to provide environmentally friendly products and working to reduce together with our business partners and "global environment It is to contribute to conservation.

GMB environmental policy

In order to realize the management philosophy of the GMB to the customer with the first, through activities that provide products to the needs of all our customers, as well as to contribute to the society, we believe that important green naturally blessed Earth environmental conservation activities, duration the possible environmentally friendly manufacturing in all employees, we will be promoted.

  • 1. Laws country stipulated, to comply with the pollution prevention agreements, etc., and strive to coexistence with the local community as well as improve the global environment pollution prevention, to maintain a healthy environmen
  • 2. Resource conservation, energy conservation, activities such as re-use it to expand, to measure the reduction of waste and maximizing efficient use of resources
  • 3. Actively promote the offer to purchase and the market of environmentally friendly products
  • 4. And prepare an environmental management system for the goals, and strive for continuous improvement of environmental conservation activities


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