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Sales Department

Sales Department

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Senior's Voice 01 [Sales Dept. Yuki Tsujio(Entering 2005)]

Sales Department: Yuki Tsujio

I am currently working for North America Section in the Sales Department at GMB Headquarter in Japan. In this section, I am mainly taking care of following functions:
'-Processing orders from GMB North America (one of our sales offices, located in USA) and relaying them our domestic and overseas factories located in Japan, Thailand and China.
'-Dealing with enquiries or questions from GMB North America about pricing, shipment, quality or technical matters and so on.
'-Dealing with warranty or other claims or any other concerns.
'There are many challenges in communicating with overseas sales offices, factories and related sections in Nara Headquarters but I also find satisfaction in solving problems for customers' satisfaction.
Although details of functions vary depending on departments, every activity needs cooperation with others. So I believe it is always important for us to fulfill our responsibility in collaboration with others. We are waiting for you to join GMB!

GMB will respond with confidence to the diverse needs of our customers!