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Electrical Maintenance Department

Electrical Maintenance Department

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Senior's Voice 02 [Electrical Maintenance Dept. Yu Omukai(Entering 2010)]

Electrical Maintenance Department: Yu Omukai

The duties of the Electrical Maintenance Department is to perform the maintenance for the production facilities of each field of work and check the maintenance of the air compressor which is a primary power source.
In addition, I work on the energy saving activity applicable to machines, and the lighting setup.
The Electrical Maintenance Department is a post which requires varied abilities such as supporting the problems of each factory on-site plant , the compressors, the inspection of the emergency generator, the inventory control of the electrical components, the review of the electric circuit with single ability board electric equipment OH or the production of the panel.
I study every day for appropriate electricity-related public qualifications, seminar participation and do my best.
I know there is uneasiness in the first workplace, but please do use this to challenge the mind as hard as possible.

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