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General Affairs Department

General Affairs Department

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Senior's Voice 03 [General Affairs Depc. Kazunori Akiyama(Entering 2004)]

General Affairs Department: Kazunori Akiyama

The General affairs department consists of a Personnel section, an Administration of Property section and the General affairs section. I am mainly in charge of the Administration of Property section.
I mainly perform maintenance duties for the management utility of building and also promote environmental ISO14001, CSR and do my best every day as the pivot of the company.
GMB leads associated subsidiaries in Korea, China, Thailand, and USA. Also GMB has active internal and external experience by visiting countries throughout the world as a global company.
Openness in the workplace is a power for good as it can help in raising and enforcing the company motto "Harmony".
GMB aims to be a company which promotes manufacturing with full consideration for the environment as required for both the individual and society, including the action to achieve CSR.

GMB will respond with confidence to the diverse needs of our customers!