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Production Engineering Department

Production Engineering Department

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Senior's Voice 04 [Production Engineering Dept. Kazuya Yamada(Entering 2005)]

Production Engineering Department: Kazuya Yamada

I entered GMB 9 years ago. For the first three years, I gained experience of production engineering through the assembling line and the setup of new facilities which improved my skills and now I am in charge of the design of Universal joint and Steering joint.
If a design drawing has any errors, product faults can occur causing claims and accidents in the worst case. Therefore, Design engineering is a vitally important section requiring a sense of responsibility and duty with constant attention to detail.
It is difficult to achieve the goal of "perfect manufacturing" which has to be balanced against contradicting factors of production cost versus quality, but it is worthwhile work.
During student days, please try to have lots of experiences like study, club activities and part-time jobs. I am sure that these experiences will help when you go out into the world. I hope to work together with GMB to achieve our goal of "Perfect Manufacturing".

GMB will respond with confidence to the diverse needs of our customers!