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Quality Assurance Department

Quality Assurance Department

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Senior's Voice 05 [Quality Assurance Dept. Kiyotaka Takemura(Entering 2005)]

Quality Assurance Department: Kiyotaka Takemura

I engage in product quality inspection duties, purchase inspection duties, business partner quality report duties in the Quality Assurance department.

Product inspection duties
I make various tests and measures to check each product meets specification according to drawing. I handle the measure from slide calipers to a three-dimensional measuring machine. Also, I sometimes ask the outside organization and plan the enhancement of the quality check.
Purchase inspection duties
I visit outsourcing suppliers to check and instruct on quality improvements and take measures to confirm compliance of the purchased product.
Business partner quality report duties
I report causes and measures required on demand from business partners.

I thought that I was not suited to the present duties due to my, mainly, electronic course university graduation, but the Fourier transform which I learned by wave pattern processing appeared and I was surprised at the connection from the different field when I learned the principle of shape measurement such as for coarseness. The learning from school days gives understanding in a different field and it is important to keep the technical books.
The power of comunication skills is very necessary to explain inspection procedures both inside and outside the office. Also, bargaining is important to obtain understanding or concurrence from trading partners to ensure responsibility for the performance results of the products.
I am devoted every day and do my best.

GMB will respond with confidence to the diverse needs of our customers!