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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

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Basic rules

GMB shall lead the affiliate companies and its employees by demonstrating the corporate governance basics deriving from "Compliance", "Transparency", "Corporate moral" dealing with major issues influencing its business as the management intends to maximize the shareholder's interest in relationship with multiple stake holders like shareholders, society, customers, employees etc..

Action standards

GMB enacts action standards in order to present its position about the compliance as well as action guidance also in order to encourage its practice.

  • 1. Proper disclosure of corporate information
  • 2. Actions on the human rights and social contribution
  • 3. Attention to global environment
  • 4. Fair trade and reliable corporate activities under competition
  • 5. Severance from anti-social forces
  • 6. Respect to overseas regional culture and contribution to its development
  • 7. Building the company environment toward working motivation and ability development

Internal action principles

In consideration of compliance with the laws as well as obedience to social norms, GMB establishes the basic principles for employees to be encouraged to act with sound judgement and responsibility.

Internal organaization

GMB establishes and maintains own internal control system in order to regulate internal fair practices in the company.

Organization chart; Internal Control System

Organization chart; Internal Control System

More information will be obtained in Corporate Governance of TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE.

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