Wheel Bearing Parts

GMB Wheel Bearing Parts

Hub bearing sustains the vehicle weight at the same time provides driving safety and comfort by smooth bearing motion. Suitable ruggedness combined with temperature endurance is incorporated into the design. Proper material selection and rigorous QA as well as production engineering make low journal torque and improved fuel economy possible.

Functions of Wheel Bearing Parts

Fastened to hub and knuckle of each front and rear axle.
Sustains the vehicle weight both vertically and in axial direction and smoothly rotates the propelling journal.
By type of rolling elements it is divided into ball bearing and taper roller bearing. By performance 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation are distinguished; 1st = Double angular contact bearing which separately consists of bearing section and hub. 2nd shows that hub works for bearing outer race. Balls and inner race are incorporated with hub. 3rd shows further integration. Flange(hub) which holds wheel and rotor works now for bearing inner race. Another flange which connects to knuckle works for bearing outer race. Bearing related parts around hub are integrated.

Construction of Wheel Bearing Parts

Taper roller bearing consists of 4 components; outer ring, inner ring, taper rollers and retainer.
Rollers in outer ring and inner ring are constructed to sustain load both axially and radially. Used mainly in industrial and automotive equipment as well as costruction machine/vehicle.

1st generation

Unit of 2 ball bearings. No distinction of interior and exterior.

Ball Bearing type
Ball Bearing typeBall Bearing type
Roller Bearing type
Roller Bearing typeRoller Bearing type

2nd generation

Flange is incorporated on suspension carrier.

Ball bearing type
Ball bearing typeBall bearing type
Roller Bearing type
Roller Bearing typeRoller Bearing type

3rd generation

Flange to carry brake disc, drum and wheel is incorporated.

Ball type (for driving unit)
Ball type (for driving unit)Ball type (for driving unit)

3rd generation with ABS sensor.

Roller type (for driving unit)
Roller type (for driving unit)Roller type (for driving unit)

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