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Clutch Release Bearing

GMB's Clutch Release Bearing

2 basic types; forging and press type.
GMB holds both technologies being able to supply OE specs.

Characteristics of Clutch Release Bearing

This device is incorporated in the clutch mechanism. Pushed by release fork through diaphragm spring it connects and disconnects revolution power generated by engine to transmission.


Consists of two races with rolling elements, sealer and lubrication. Races encompass track for rolling parts. Inner race supports rolling parts and locates to the diaphragm by friction fitting. Outer race retains rolling parts and contacts with release fork. Rolling elements are "balls" running between 2 races. Retainer keeps balls at pre-determined designed distances and freely moves with balls. Grease is required as lubrication to minimize rolling friction of balls and a seal to keep bearing inner parts tightly separated from outside conditions.

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