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Single Ball Bearing

Single Ball Bearing by GMB

2 basic groups; Standard and Special specs. GMB produces large volumes of standard bearings as well as providing special bearings with high temperature, high speed and special conditions.
* Sizes; 6000~6012 and 6200~6215


Holds rolling shaft into position supporting the weight of both connecting part and itself. Minimizes the energy loss and friction heat.
Indispensable mechanical function for all machines. Single ball bearing is the most basic type of all "bearings".
Both inner and outer races are semi-spherically grooved to hold rolling balls. Radial and axial as well as compound loads are held here in this mechanism.
Simple structure enables design to high precision and to minimize friction torque. It is widely used in areas undergoing high speed and requiring low vibration and low noize at the same time.

Structure of Single Ball Bearing

Semi-spherically grooved inner and outer races hold rolling balls.
Ball retainer, rubber seal and steel shield to prevent intrusion of foreign particles as well as leakage of lubricant may be incorporated.

GMB will respond with confidence to the diverse needs of our customers!