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Fan Clutch

GMB Fan Clutch

GMB produces principal components "bearing" (life) and "diecast body" (strength). GMB fan clutch assures the optimal quality through reliability based on our wide experience and knowledge developed from our own production techniques.

Fan Clutch


It regulates cooling air flow by controlling fan speed in accordance to ambient air temperature around radiator area so that optimal heat balance is maintained in engine's cooling system. Fan clutch driven by engine revolution can continuously change its fan speed by regulating silicone oil control by temperature sensor (bimetal). Whether driving on highway or in traffic jams it can quickly respond to temperature change. Controlling fan speed will minimize power loss, realize optimal temperature level, and enhance quietness.


Temperature sensitive bimetal turns slide valve to open and close flow control aperture. Opening and closing action connects or disconnects passage of silicone oil in reservoir to function chamber (labyrinth). Raised temperature opens flow control aperture by turning slide valve and centrifugal force pushes silicone oil flowing into function chamber. Viscous silicone oil mass transmitts pulley shaft revolution through rotor and case to fan. Slide valve closes flow control aperture at lower temperature. Silicone oil in function chamber discharges through exit aperture by centrifugal force coming back to reservoir. Reduced mass of slicone oil loses torque and rotor idles. Then fan reduces revolution.

Fan Clutch

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