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Water Pump

GMB Water Pump

GMB proudly announces that all principal component parts are designed, manufactured and tested in house, such as bearings(life), impellers (pumping water), mechanical seal kits(sealing) and housings(ruggedness). Integration of these parts through our experience and accumulated knowledge shall lead to total quality assurance, unsurpassed by anybody else.

Coverage from domestic applications to foreign, from micro automobile to truck and industrial and from outdated to future models.


Vital part required to circulate coolant around engine. Heat produced by engine combustion is absorbed by coolant which then passes through radiator to cool down before returning to engine. Water pump is situated between radiator and engine and driven by pulley through timing belt or fan belt. Water pump causes coolant to circulate.


Consists of body (aluminum diecast, cast iron, aluminum gravity etc), flange(forged steel, sintered iron etc), impeller (pressed steel, cast iron, synthetic resin etc), water pump bearing and mechanical seal kit.

Its material is decided dependent upon performance level, quality as well as customer requirements and working conditions. Revolution power of crankshaft is transmitted to impeller through water pump bearing. Impeller vanes drive coolant out into circulation jacket.
Vortex chamber of water pump filled with coolant is separated from water pump bearing by mechanical seal kit.

A sliding seal, like mechanical seal kit, must be lubricated all the time it is moving by coolant fluid.

Engulfed(lubricating) coolant evaporates out into water pump bearing side and exits through weap hole on body.

Water Pump

GMB will respond with confidence to the diverse needs of our customers!