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Quality Assurance Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

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1. Principal policy and actions on QC/QA

Customers First, Priority on Quality, Safety and Confidence are basic points so that satisfactory, economical, durable and quality products are delivered to customers.

2. Quality Motto

Quality Motto

3. Global quality accreditations

Quality management system is in place to comply with international standards among all GMB group companies.

Accredited date (Japan)

  • ISO/TS16949: July 2, 2008
  • ISO9001: November 28, 2003
  • ISO14001: February 18, 2011

4. Establishment of Quality Management System

Process of GMB QMS is divided into 14 sections from Design, Production, to Market. All processes are clearly networked so that quick and appropriate actions can be taken. All departments, all employees are engaged for "Qualtiy Improvement and Continuous Kaizen".

General look of QMS

General look of QMS

5. Approaches to Goal

1) Manufacturing of Products

Manuals in each process/equipment, Work Instructions, Inspection Sheet etc are set in place. GMB is working to all non-defect and uniform outputs through sure craftmanship based on documented regulations and by variation control with target value zone.

2) Measurement

Micron precision is required.
In order to obtain product precision by proper measuring apparatus under proper condition, GMB holds exclusive personnel, precision room, calibration equipment.

3) Product Development

Quality, cost and endurance reliability are also required.
Functional products like GMB's are developed through qualifying endurence test under excessive conditions. Cost and quality are here at the same time in GMB. "Quality with Economy, Longer Life at Lower Cost".

4) Product qualification

Result of our QA approach at each process is under scrutiny in customers and marketplace.
In case of defectives found in the market returned parts are brought to investigation for quality improvement and recurrence prevention.
GMB shall respond to each case where customer collaboration is highly helpful.

5) Quality surveillance

Internal surveillance personnel who studied and obtained the qualification by dedicated institutions make quality audits on QA system, production process and products and certify compliance, effectiveness and then survey to continuous quality improvement.

GMB will respond with confidence to the diverse needs of our customers!