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Cross Rod


Central element of ball/nut type steering system. Transfers steering moment to both front wheels. On one side pitman arm and the other side idler arm are connected. Both ends connect to side rod.
Turn on steering wheel by driver applies a turning moment to worm gear in reduction box.
Reduction ratio is 10 ~ 15: 1 depending on models.
Steering moment multipled by worm gear in steering gear box turns pitman arm attached to worm gear unit. Steering turn moment is converted into rectlinear movement. Pitman arm turning right and left, pushes cross rod to each direction. Along with cross rod the connecting side rod pushes wheel to the same direction.


Connecting to pitman arm, idler arm and both side rods etc, it has 4 assembly locations. 4 holes type and integral type with ball joint at pitman arm side and idler arm side are available.
Ball joint integral type has ball stud in friction preventive ball seat with special grease inside housing. Plug is caulked on housing.
On the other side of plug a dust cover is filled with grease to prevent leakage and infiltration.

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