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Stabilizer Link

GMB Stabilizer Link

GMB stabilizer link assures proper friction and pivoting action to enable vehicle handling. It properly responds to road conditions in order to ensure stable driving and to support driving comfort.
In order to realize these goals, GMB utilizes high-friction resistent resin(POM:ACETAL), special synthetic grease to minimize friction. Inside dust cover a mud-preventive grease is contained to maximize stabilizer link life.
Thai GMB conducts static tests, destruction and endurance tests upon development to ensure product reliability.
Proper heat treatment on special steel, rigorous receiving inspection, and QA patrol in addition to self check in quality control enable us to ensure the driving comfort and safety.


In independent suspension, road conditions freely change balance between right and left wheels. In order to re-balance wheels a stabilizer bar of spring steel is set on chassis to create torsion moment upon height gap between wheels.
Torsional energy on stabilizer created by wheel height gap leads to equalize wheel height and then to reduce vehicle roll and shake.
One end of stabilizer link is fixed onto stabilizer and the other end is mounted on chassis. At chassis side recently link tends to fix onto damper, and then link becomes longer. Longer link tends to buckling. Diameter is then larger depending upon the length.
In strut type suspension in front as strut turns along with wheel, working angle of link becomes wider.


Consists of connecting rod and connecting element at each end. All ball joint type(both ends) and ball joint + rubber bush type are available.
Ball joint at the end of connecting rod contains ball stud with plastic ball seat in housing. Special grease is added between ball stud and ball seat to further prevent friction. Housing end has a plug caulked to seal against leakage and infiltration and ball stud side holds dust cover filled with grease.
Ball stud is equipped with wrench guide to facilitate disassembly and mounting.

GMB will respond with confidence to the diverse needs of our customers!