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Tie-Rod End

GMB Tie-Rod End

GMB tie-rod end assures proper friction and pivoting action to enable smooth vehicle handling. It properly responds to road conditions in order to ensure stable driving and to support driving comfort.
In order to realize these goals, GMB utilizes high-friction resistent resin(POM:ACETAL), special synthetic grease to minimize friction. Inside dust cover a mud-preventive grease is contained to maximize ball joint life.
Thai GMB conducts static tests, destruction and endurance tests upon development to ensure product quality.
Proper heat treatment on special steel, rigorous receiving inspection, and QA patrol in addition to self check in quality control enable us to ensure the driving comfort and safety.

Functions of Tie-Rod End

Transfers steering force from steering wheel to running wheel and at the same time absorbs road bumps and shocks as well as vibration in order to maintain handling stability. Running wheel side of tie-rod end is constructed with ball joint to respond to road bumps (vertical shocks) and to wheel turns (horizontal movement). The other end has a thread for connecting rod or rack end. By turning the connecting rod or rack end toe-in is adjusted as one of wheel alignments.


Running wheel side consists of ball joint and the other end consists of threaded shaft.
By vehicle design the thread may be male of female to connect the next tie-rod end.
Ball joint section contains ball stud. Plastic ball seat is inserted between ball stud and housing. Special synthetic grease is added to prevent friction. A plug or cap is inserted and then housing is caulked to prevent leakage.
The other side of plug is filled with mud water prevention grease inside dust cover to prevent leakage.
Tie-rod end with plastic ball seat does not require grease up after production.
Ball stud has tapering shaft and male thread to mount and fasten on wheel section.

GMB will respond with confidence to the diverse needs of our customers!