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Valve Spool

GMB Valve Spool

Modern automatic transmission (AT) mainly uses 8-speed type for vertical setting FR engine and 7-speed type for horizontal setting FF engine. AT types vary like ; step automatic transmission (step AT), continuous velocity transmission(CVT) and dual clutch transmission(DCT). All of these devices carry aluminum valve body. Aluminum material valve spool fits valve body of same material with significant merit of oil leak reduction as well as weight saving. World class production volume, 200Mpcs, is rolled out in GMB every year.

Valve Spool

Standard materials
SteelSUM22, SUM24L
AluminumA6061-T6, A2017, A2011, A6262A, A6020, A6082


Critical part for automatic transmission to change speed and direction. Installed into control valve regulating oil pressure and enable automatic gear change. It is a super precision hydraulic valve.

Product grades

ExcellentExcellent GoodGood Not so GoodNot so Good

NoManufacturerStandard specification comparison
2Japanese manufacurersGoodNot so GoodNot so GoodExcellent
3American manufacuturersGoodGoodNot so GoodNot so Good
4German manufacturersNot so GoodGoodGoodGood

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