We aim to be a sustainable global company that pioneers the future of motorization.




Exploring the future of motorization,
Aiming for a sustainable global company

Since its founding in 1943, the GMB Group has been providing products to not only Japan but also the global automotive industry as an independent auto parts manufacturer. In line with the market needs, we are working together to improve quality in order to deliver satisfaction and trust to our customers since our establishment.

Yukichi Matsuoka|President and Representative Director

Today, with the progress of global warming and global aging, the environment surrounding automobiles, such as the so-called fourth industrial revolution, has been changing more than ever before. During this period of change, what we, GMB Group are looking for is a reliable business development under a strategy that looks ahead of the times to realize a safe and secure society.

The GMB Group not only responds to social changes through continuous technological innovation, but also aims to be a company that continues to challenge the creation of new values for building a rich future society.In order to achieve that goal, we are based on the idea that "a company is its people", and we put emphasis on human resource development, and aim to be a sustainable global company that allows each employee to feel worthwhile and to work with the spirit of “Harmony”, the company philosophy.

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