We aim to be a sustainable global company that pioneers the future of motorization.

  • Basic policy

    All staff of GMB will aim to provide a safe company and to protect your and GMB employees' private information by observing compliance programs of privacy protection and by properly handling your and their "private information"

  • Compliance program for privacy protection

    GMB authorizes a person to be in charge of private information at each organization which handles private information and holds a structure to safely and accurately handle your private information.

  • Collection (supply) and usage of private information

    You may be asked to provide information within the necessary limit upon our request such as the contact window as well as the purpose, when GMB acquires your private information.

  • Control and protection of the private information

    GMB will properly and safely manage your information according to CP. GMB will not publicize and/or distribute your private information to the third party without your consent.

  • Compliance of rules and regulations (Industry's guideline)

    GMB will observe rules and regulations applicable regarding "private information" which GMB stores.

  • Continuous improvement of CP

    GMB aims to continually improve CP system regarding privacy protection.

  • About privacy policy and privacy protection

    You can communicate with the person in charge, if you have questions about our privacy policy and privacy protection or if you find inadequacies or flaws in our policy and protection.

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Prepared on March 30, 2012

GMB Corporation

Yukichi Matsuoka, Chief Executive Officer