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System which ensures executive directors' practice to comply with articles of incorporation,Other ordinances to ensure corporate operations to be in proper compliance are resolved to apply as follows.

  • 01

    System which ensures activities by executive directors and employees in compliance with laws and the company statute

  • 02

    System for filing and control of information in relation to performance of executive directors

  • 03

    System and other ordinaces for risk control of business loss

  • 04

    System which ensures the efficiency of executive directors' performance

  • 05

    System which ensures the operation of GMB group companies to be in proper compliance

  • 06

    Ordenances concerning the support staff required by auditors and their independence from the employer

  • 07

    System concerning the report by executive diretors and employees to auditors as well as other reports

  • 08

    Other system to ensure auditors to execute the audit in effective manner