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Axle parts produced by GMB


Wheel bearings are crucial components that support the weight of the vehicle, enabling efficient rotational motion and ensuring safety and comfort during operation.
Wheel bearings can be sorted into ball bearings and tapered roller bearings based on the type of rolling elements. They are further categorized into first generation, second generation, and third generation types based on performance. GMB offers a comprehensive range of over 700 wheel bearings across all generations, allowing us to cater to a wide range of customer requirements.
In the development and manufacturing of wheel bearings, strength, sealing, and temperature are crucial factors. To achieve high quality and low cost, GMB has implemented various innovations in the manufacturing and processing stages.


Bearings produced by GMB


Bearings support the weight of the shaft, as well as the load placed on the shaft, while keeping the axis of the rotating element fixed in a predetermined position. They play a role in reducing energy loss and heat generation caused by friction during shaft rotation.
This role is essential for stabilizing machinery and allowing it to perform its intended functions at its best, and bearings play a crucial part in fulfilling this function.
Ball bearings are the most representative type of rolling bearings. Both the inner and outer rings have arc-shaped grooves on the tracks, which can carry radial loads, thrust loads, and a combination of the two. Due to their simple structure, they can achieve high precision and are well-suited for high-speed rotation applications.
The arc-shaped grooves in both the inner and outer rings serve as tracks, and the use of rolling elements, such as balls, minimizes friction torque. This makes ball bearings suitable for applications that require high-speed rotation, low vibration, and low noise.
While GMB supplies single ball bearings to automotive manufacturers worldwide, it holds a significant share in the Korean market, covering over 20% of the three major mass-produced vehicles there. GMB's single ball bearing parts are widely used in vehicles around the globe.

The reason customers select GMB's single ball bearings.

GMB's strengths lie in its short development cycle and quick feedback times. GMB promptly addresses improvement requests from customers and incorporates them into its products. We can complete the product design, material selection, customization, and improvements within the initially anticipated development period. With GMB, it is possible to balance quality and development speed effectively.

Bearings produced by GMB


Clutch release bearings are applied in the clutch system. They move axially from the release fork, transmitting force to the diaphragm spring, and play a role in either transmitting or disengaging the rotational power generated by the engine to the transmission.
Clutch release bearings produced internationally are broadly classified into forged and pressed types.
GMB has secured in-house development capabilities for both types and supplies each type to the market. A distinctive feature of GMB is its ability to ensure reliable quality through extensive testing and long-term verification in relation to critical design elements and quality assurance.
In the production of clutch release bearings, we prioritize a high level of durability and quality you can rely on.