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At GMB, we take pride in our expansive market share for the supply of cooling system components, which function to cool the engine, and cater to both OEM and aftermarket parts. Moreover, in anticipation of the increasing demand for hybrid cars and electric vehicles associated with the evolution of the automotive industry, GMB manufactures high-performance electric water pumps designed for hybrid cars, electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles. These products are already being supplied to multiple automotive manufacturers.

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Water pumps are a crucial component that play the important role of circulating the coolant (cooling water) to bring down the engine's temperature.

GMB Mechanical Water Pump


While many manufacturers only oversee the assembly of water pumps, GMB goes beyond simple assembly management, and has insourced the production of key components responsible for the pump's lifespan (bearings), discharge performance (impellers), sealing performance (mechanical seals), power transmission (flanges), and strength (die-cast body). With extensive knowledge and experience in managing the quality of these components at the part level, GMB is proud to be the only manufacturer capable of guaranteeing high reliability and quality to customers for all its parts. GMB offers a wide range of products, catering to domestic and foreign cars, light vehicles, large vehicles, industrial vehicles, and covering both old and new models. This diverse product lineup contributes to ensuring a comfortable car life for our customers. GMB's water pumps boast a top share of the market on a global level. With a commitment not only to OEMs but also to individual customers, the company continues production for parts with lower market volumes, driven by the desire to reach those in need. Leveraging GMB's strength in enabling multi-variety small-lot production, the company is expanding its product lineup.

GMB Mechanical Water Pump

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Electric water pump from GMB


GMB's electric water pumps are used in hybrid cars, electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles. Conventional mechanical water pumps used in regular automobiles circulate coolant to cool the engine using the power of the engine itself. As this process relies on the engine's power, the amount of coolant discharged from the mechanical water pump increases proportionally with the engine's rotation speed. Consequently, controlling the coolant flow rate voluntarily becomes challenging, leading to inherent inefficiencies.
Electric water pumps, powered by a battery and motor, operate only when cooling is necessary, allowing for the most effective form of engine cooling. Moreover, thanks to the pump's efficient operation, the burden placed on the engine is also reduced. Electric water pumps apply state-of-the-art technology and are designed with the following characteristics in mind.

01Improved efficiency in fuel cells

02Noise reduction and lightweight design

03Exceptional durability

04BLDC motor with no Hall sensor

In-house production of all key components

GMB not only oversees the assembly of water pumps but also produces in-house all key components responsible for the pump's lifespan (bearings), discharge performance (impellers), sealing performance (mechanical seals), power transmission (flanges), and strength (body). Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience for each component, we ensure quality control down to the last part.
Moreover, we have completed a research facility within the company premises that is dedicated to the study of electric water pumps, and is equipped with buildings for testing and experimentation. GMB handles quality assurance and customer support all within the organization itself. By providing an environment for quality inspections and prototype testing within GMB, we can promptly respond to customer requirements.

Offering a wide range of products

GMB supplies products not only in Japan but also in Europe, North America, Asia, and Central and South America. With over 12 years of experience in developing electric water pumps, we now offer a wide range of pumps, from our smallest 20-watt pump to the large 1.3-kilowatt pump.

Compliant with ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE®

Environmental regulations vary by country. GMB, which provides electric water pumps worldwide, develops products to meet the environmental regulation requirements specific to each country, while also complying with the ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE® standards.


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Fan clutches are an important component that controls airflow by adjusting the rotation of the fan based on the temperature of the air passing through the radiator.

It helps maintain the optimal heat balance in the engine cooling system. Driven by the engine's rotation, fan clutches utilize internal silicon oil and a temperature sensor (bimetal) to continuously adjust the fan's rotation speed. This allows it to quickly respond to changing temperatures, such as during high-speed driving or in traffic. Moreover, the optimal control of fan rotation contributes to reducing and minimizing power loss, maintaining the ideal water temperature, and enhancing overall quietness. GMB's fan clutches, like our other products, are used worldwide. Therefore, they are designed to accommodate various temperature conditions found in different regions. GMB also insources the production of crucial components responsible for the lifespan (bearings) and strength (die-cast body) of fan clutch products.