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Idler bearings carry the function of maintaining the tension of the timing belt to ensure smooth rotation of the crankshaft. Additionally, they prevent abnormal noise caused by belt oscillation as well as belt slipping.

At GMB, we offer over 1,000 types of idler bearings, providing a wide range of options to meet various needs. We have obtained certification for ISO 16949, the international quality management system standard for the automotive industry, and carry out quality control operations for our idler bearings in accordance with the ISO 16949 standards.

Tensioner idler bearings manufactured by GMB

All items we carry are designed by GMB. After concluding a business contract, GMB is responsible for the final quality control of the products produced by partner companies, conducting regular audits, education, and other activities.
GMB is also capable of shortening the development period for products as compared to other companies. Therefore, GMB can promptly respond to development and improvement requests related to specific specifications.


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GMB's timing belt kits consist
of a timing belt, tensioner, and idler bearing.

The GMB-made tensioner and idler bearings used in its timing belt kits are highly regarded for their performance and have been supplied to OEMs such as Hyundai, Kia, and Volkswagen for many years.
The timing belt synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft to ensure the proper opening and closing of intake and exhaust valves in each cylinder of an internal combustion engine. This critical component prevents contact between the piston and valves.
Replacing the timing belt kit simultaneously allows for the efficient maintenance of engine performance. Furthermore, it can significantly reduce the cost of replacement compared to replacing the timing belt, tensioner, and idler bearing individually.