We aim to be a sustainable global company that pioneers the future of motorization.


Customers First, Priority on Quality, Safety and Confidence are basic points so that satisfactory, economical, durable and quality products are delivered to customers.



of GMB

  • We promise to
    continuestriving for a truly inspiring level of quality that exceeds our customers' expectations.

  • All employees focus on
    embracing a spirit of Harmony,
    while taking pride in creating quality themselves.

  • Believing that the
    customer is the final step in the process, we prioritize quality at the highest level
    and take personal responsibility for our work.

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Quality management system is in place to comply with international standards among all GMB group companies.

    Accredited date (Japan)

  • IATF16949

    April 25, 2018

  • ISO9001

    November 28, 2003

  • ISO14001

    February 18, 2011


Process of GMB QMS is divided into 14 sections from Design, Production, to Market. All processes are clearly networked so that quick and appropriate actions can be taken. All departments, all employees are engaged for "Qualtiy Improvement and Continuous Kaizen".

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  • 01

    Product Development

    To achieve the development of products that are good, affordable, durable, and long-lasting, we conduct tests and durability evaluations that go beyond the anticipated usage environment, aiming to balance both quality and cost.

  • 02

    Manufacturing Quality

    We adhere to work procedures that have been designed based on specified drawings and comply with various quality control measures, while striving for the production of high-quality goods and preventing the circulation of defective products. In terms of dimensions, an accuracy of 5/10,000 millimeters is required to produce exceptional parts. Accordingly, we carry a precision measurement room along with calibration facilities for ultra-high-precision measuring instruments, and employ qualified personnel to manage and evaluate product precision.

  • 03

    Quality surveillance

    Certified internal auditors conduct quality audits on products, company quality systems, manufacturing processes, and heat treatment processes to evaluate their conformity and effectiveness. This contributes to maintaining and improving quality, as well as facilitating continuous product advancements.